Welcome to Mali!

mussa al buioA country that offers a wide variety of environments and different people.  If you want to enjoy the best of it follow me in this short but rich journey.
We start our trip from Bamako, capital city of Mali.  Moussa , our Italian speaking guide, meets us at the airport.
  On board of our 4×4 vehicle we proceed through villages inhabited by the Bambara ethnic group people and we arrive in Segou, the second city of Mali, on the Niger river.


We then visit the beautiful town of Djenné founded in the IX century on the river Bani, an affluent of Niger river. With its Arab/African style quarters and the spectacular mosque hand-moulded with clay, straw and dung  considered one of the most beautiful mosques of all Africa, Djenné deserves the name of “Queen of the Delta”.moschea controlucemoschea djenne 1
We cannot miss the navigation on the river Niger, the soul of this country and see how the Bozo fishermen still live and how they still work and preserve the smoked fish.  We visit the colorful market and have lunch in a traditional place.barca gente porto
We proceed towards Bandiagara, capital of Dogon villages and here we start our trekking and visit the scenic villages of the Dogon people perched among the rocks of the great cliff of Bandiagara.The stone houses camouflage among the rocks.  I need the help of Moussa in carrying my backpack while we climb the stone track which leads to the villages.
Only on foot you can visit their remote villages and only on foot you can walk into their world and live at their own pace.io e mussa in golaio e mussa in salita
The Dogon is the country’s most isolated and untouched ethnic group still tied to the ancestral rhythms of life.capanne paglia nroccia
We are enchanted by their curious typical houses “Toguna” which means “house of words”, by the colorful and bustling markets and the hospitality of people isolated by rich in culture.
We continue thru the Senogondo plain visiting the nomad camps of Peul ethnic tribes whose main activity for centuries is cattle-breeding.mandria buoi

We pass the border and enter in the neighbouring Burkina Faso to end our journey in Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina.
A fascinating world, full of sounds and colours, a kaleidoscope of people, traditions and cultures.
donne montagna con vasins villaggioveduta case

villaggiocapanne paglia

One thought on “Welcome to Mali!

  1. azeem January 9, 2011 / 7:41 pm

    nice one luciana

    it is really heart of africa and sahara

    ahmadinejad also visited timbaktu


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