Jambo Jambo – My Safari in Tanzania

IMG_1301Traveling teaches you  many things : to know,  to discover, to learn.

After returning from a trip, what is most fondly remembered are the emotions you have experienced.

Mine is a  journey in the african parks but with a touch of the unusual,  a contact with the most authentic and remote Africa.IMG_0996


Our route leads through the endless Serengeti savannah dotted with acacia trees where you can find thousand of animals.

Through Lake Manyara with its birds: pellicans, cormorants and pink flamingos.


The Ngorongoro crater in an unique and primordial environment. CGF_3109

And the important Oldubai gorges, an healthy environment, rich of charm where, among its rocks were found the remains of an Australopithecus.CGF_3943

But whereas on the one hand animals and landscapes lord it, on the other  there is the hospitality, friendliness and kindness of its people.


Their friendly “Jambo Jambo” to every encounter, their smiles, their desire to communicate with you, coming from another “world”.  And their  “Acuna Matata” (no problem) in front of your mistakes when trying to speak with them in  a language unfamiliar to you, make your trip even more memorable!!!

And finally a Swahili proverb:

HABA  NA  HABA  HUJAZA  KIBABA”  (means  Doing things a bit at a time will get you to where you want to be)