MOROCCO – Land of Kasbahs

A journey to discover the beauty of Morocco, from the imperial cities to the stunning landscapes of the south.

From Marrakech to Ouazarzate, the fertile valley of the Draa and its palm trees.

The kasbahs, the beautiful fortified buildings in clay, now castles with no lord, but where you can still feel the atmosphere of a time just past.

The meeting with shepherds and nomadic berber people whose hard life is punctuated by ancient rhythms.

The saharian desert around Zagorà (called the desert door) last oasis before border with Algeria.

And the four Imperial cities, cities full of history, of art, of monuments. 4 dazzling cities, 4 timeless cities: Rabat, Fes, Meknes, Marrakech.  Designed as capital cities, center of empires that have marked the history of Morocco.  Their medinas teeming with life are a window on the past.

From the stories of the storytellers, Jemma El Fna in Marrakech, kasbahs in the south, the red sand in the desert to the green mountains in the north, Morocco is a country of diversity and variety.
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