CGF_2990 bisCGF_3299Iceland, a land with unforgettable landscapes that follow one another and change very rapidly due to an unimaginable volcanic frenzy.

Sometimes you can even doubt to be on the Earth Planet and you also wonder if the geological era has perhaps changed.

Vast expanses of ice, deep fjords, hot springs of an unusual milky blue, gysers: hot springs that periodically give rise to powerful jets of warm water mixed with steam. One of the most fascinating natural events that can be seen.

But also fumaroles, bubbling mud, deserts of black sand, beautiful formations of basaltic columns and menacing volcanos still active.DSC02143

And the soft and thick moss covering the lava, majestic waterfalls rumbling and CGF_5626unforgettable. But also birds, seals, whales and beautiful colorful flowers.

If  you go in the right season you will be able to see the marvellous spectacle of the “sun at midnight”an ephemeral phenomenon, wonderful, amazing. For us, not Icelander, the continued presence of the sun in the middle of the night has something magical, the light that spreads in those particular moments is something unreal!CGF_3514

This is Iceland, a land of extremes and of contrasts! A unique destination for those who love nature and solitude!