PUSHKAR – Rajasthan: The November full moon fair

Pushkar Camel fairAt camel marketcamel for salecolorful turbansDuring the full moon of the month of November, thousands of pilgrims and merchants gather in Pushkar, in the north west of India, one of the most sacred places for Hinduism.

They come here in long caravans of camels and carts to pray and purify in the lake – which is considered to be the miraculous place where Brama stayed – but also to participate to the largest cattle fair of all India.traditional costumessnake charmer

For 5 days spirituality and commerce merge together to create a fantastic atmosphere:  thousands of orange turbans and lively saris color the environment, while acrobats, musicians, camel races and tournaments  alternate with purification rituals.maharaja from Bikaner

A mosaic of colors and jewelry, a kaleidoscope of events and ceremonies.

The fair ends on the last night of full moon with the religious celebrations and with the participation of all people to a purifying bath in the waters of the sacred Pushkar lake.the scare lake

An unforgettable visit and experience.Pushkar lakeLake at night